Berlin 4/12

I spent a long weekend in Berlin on Easter 2011 visiting my friends Martin and Minna. It was my very first time in that lovely bohemian city of Berlin. The visit was naturally filled with great company, checking out some awesome outdoor-fleamarkets, curry wurst, nice restaurants and bars, gazing the East Side Gallery and other memorial (and touristical sites) in Berlin.

Alongside with visiting the latest historical sites from the 20th century, we also paid a visit to Perganom Museum, which is an absolute must-see-destination filled with ancient monuments like the magical Ishtar Gate of Babylon. You can feel like Ishtar while gazing the amazing colours and patterns on those great walls.

We also spent the Easter Day cooking our very own roast lamb and eating mämmi accompanied with vanilla sauce. Mämmi is a traditional Finnish (or medieval European) Easter dessert treat with curious looks and a taste, which makes you either love it or hate it.

Here, let the pictures speak for themselves. Visit Berlin.