Autumnal holiday moods

This weekend was ending my one week long autumn holiday. The week has been lovely and relaxing, with not too much things on programme. I was (of course) dreaming of a vacation trip to somewhere, but for change I’m being realistic, saving money for my future adventures and just secretly swearing to my travel-realistic dad sending his holiday greetings from Paris by sms. ’Well, at least they’re having a tacky touristic dinner cruise on Seine’, I sniffed to myself. Yes, it must be awfull.

Instead of Paris or some other hypocrite European town, I’ve been staying at home in Helsinki, concentrating on my hobbies and the slowlife feeling you can only truly acchieve on your vacation. You know, peacefully eating your breakfast and reading a book at the same time – naturally only after making it look like straight from a women’s magazine, and posting a picture on instagramme and FB and forgetting to eat for a moment. Surfing on the internet on a real table computer (!) so long that you notice you accidentally skipped your yoga lesson.  Or sitting all alone in one of your favourite coffee houses  (Bergga in the district of Kallio, Helsinki) reading tons of travel magazines, dreaming away and eating as much bunnies and cakes and other delicious things they have there.

I also managed to drag my friend along with me to the weekly croquis drawing lesson I’m attending. It’s actually not a lesson, but a change to draw croquis, since there are not too much people willing to perform naked for total strangers, not even in Finland. Croquis, if something is amazingly brain-relaxing activity.

I also went to see norvegian artist Edward Münch’s art exhibition in Didrichsen Art Museum. Münch is not one of my favourite artists, but figurred out it’s still worth for a visit and getting to know better his art. It was nice, still the exhibition’s best offerings to me was the interactive videosimulator, where one could place herself in the world-famous face of the Münch’s painting The Scream.

The Scream in me

Last but not least, I want to share with you the beauty of the Finnish nature in autumn. The best colours of the autumn are already gone, since the leaves are getting down already, and my other favourite, mushroom picking is getting harder and harder. The  love and need and this ultimate relaxing method, picking mushrooms and berries is inherited from my mother and grandmothers. Now only some frozen yeallowfoots left here and there in the coniferous forests, but there is still loads of beauty to enjoy.
Today it was a grey and foggy day, so it’s nice to go back to yesterday’s chilly landscapes and colours on our afternoon walk in Arabia and Vanhankaupunginlahti. In this area used to be Helsinki’s first dwellings centuries ago, and even though there is no notable traces or ruins left, since the dwellings have mostly been wooden, it still shows in the name of the district: vanha= old, kaupunki= town, lahti=bay.

See it yourself! Have a great new week!



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