Towards sustainable meals

This is what popped into my Facebook newsfeed first this morning. It was posted by my friend couple who left the city after studies and are now running their own farm in Central-Eastern Finland, focused on producing organic vegetables. This poster though is sharing some important facts around a subject that I’ve been pondering on a lot lately.

Good tips for making your daily meal more sustainable. Origin:

Maybe it’s a little bit pathetic that I’m mourning after the CO2 emissions that my carnivoring is causing, since I’m happily ignoring the emissions caused by my traveling, but i still feel sorry for my ignorant actions. Carnivoring is  resulting huge CO2 emissions, which could be quite easily cut down. Either more people should turn vegetarist but it would be more propable and possible just to make a small change in our attitudes reagarding the amounts of meat eaten per person every week.

I haven’t found courage, effort and fortitude enough to go vegetarist, even though eating meat makes me feel a little guilty. Especially the factory farming is giving me shivers in a very bad way and actually making me very angry. So I had started to pay more attention to the producers and buying organic meat when ever it was possible. Also game is fine for me, even though I feel that hunting is not my thing.

Last winter my boyfriend told me he actually doesn’t feels like eating meat anymore since it feels so rude after hearing and knowing all these stories behind the farming and producing. I suprised myself actually not being the one suggesting something like that, but telling him to take it a little slower! We ended up trying a vegetarian week. It wasn’t hard, but we found ourselves longing for meat. Not too much, but some good and at least in my opinnion also more sustainable meat from time to time. So we ended up cuting down our meat eating, so the idea is that we don’t cook meat every day at home, but instead try to make more vegetarian foods. And having vegetarian weeks from time to time. Wasting food (forgeting to eat the leftovers) is maybe our biggest challenge, even though we’re trying to pay attention in it.

Even though we didn’t end up becoming climate and animal saving vegetarians, I think we are on a good way of eating more like those rules in that poster suggest, going forward towards sustainable eating habits.

How about you, what is the situation in your kitchen? To be vegetarist or not to be vegetarist? Sustainable carnivoring?



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