My Most Inspired Travel Destinations This Far

One day last week I was chating with my colleague about travelling. She had just returned from a holiday trip to Berlin and had also seen my post about the city here in my blog. She asked me which new places I’d like to recommend for her next destination. Ex-tempore I named San Sebastian in Northern Spain, but after a moment of reflection, I started to hesitate, cause hey, there are lots more! So I decided to make a serie of posts of my all-time favourite destinations I’ve been to (this far). It’s nice to go back to old travel memories, and maybe inspire you others to visit these amazing places!

I realized, my favourite destinations have somehow been inspirational to me. It doesn’t need to be well-known and celebrated destination to affect me emotionally, but of course, there is a reason, why many amazing places on Earth are not secrets to others either! ; ) The visual experiment and the athmosphere count alot for me. So thats how I chose these places on my list.

It wasn’t too easy to put totally different places in the order. Some really cool places are missing from my list, because I just had to draw the line somewhere, even though I’m not that much travelled person at all. So, other very cool destinations missing, because I haven’t yet visited them! I’m only on my way to get there! : ) Neverthless, I’d recommend these destinations on my list to anyone, anytime!

I start the list from my favourite destination this far. For last two spots I named my favourite destinations here in Finland, that I’d like to recommend both for Finns and foreigners. Their meaning as inspirational places for me might be a little different from the rest of the list, but they’re really worth checking out!

I’d love to hear your own suggestions for such inspirational places to visit, too!

Let’s open the door and start this

inspirational journey around the world!

Charming door in a little village in Northern Spain. 6/2011.
Charming door in a little village in Northern Spain. Camino de Santiego, 6/2011.


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