Holidays are over -post

Tomorrow it is time to return back to work again. Everytime, every year, after every holiday it feel as – if not terrible, but unwelcome… And I, after all enjoy my work, even though how stressfull and frustrating it may sometimes feel like. Holidays are the best time of our lives, right?

In Finland, we get to enjoy exceptionally long vacations and quite often, too. And as a teacher, I get to enjoy even more holidays than an average Finn. The only bad side is, that we teachers don’t get to travel with offers, because we are only able to travel when it’s highseason. Thanks to some lovely taxreturns, me and my Mr. still had a change to travel this holiday too.

For the Christmas, we both went to see our relatives. Because of the limited time and long distance, we went separately. In Finland we truly celebrate Christmas, on the Christmas Eve. Atleast in our families, Christmas Day always comes second. So after some serious gulping and gobbling, it was already time to head back home for our travel preparations. The next seven days and nights we spent on a trip to Morocco, my long time dream destination. I will post about it soon, when I’ve had time to go through my pictures.  There are many of them…

There was some cat play to watch this holiday. My little furry cat Velho met my little sister’s kitten during the holidays, and after a hostile beginning, they seemingly got used to each other. My cat obviously realized, he’s old already, and didn’t enjoy the games the kitten tried to tempt him to. Now that our parents cat Rasmus is passed away, Velho prefers to play tag, lurk or hide and seek only with us humans. The kitten has to wait… Poor fellow.

The curious look
The curious look

Today, for the ending of this holiday, I went to see a musical with a choir friend: Houdini in Aleksanterinteatteri. Sad to say, but we weren’t too excited about the result as some of the audience seemed to be. There were some good things though, like the band, lights design and the acrobat girl playing Houdini’s wife Beth as a young woman.

My soon-to-come birthdays next weekend are actually stressing and depressing me a little. Thirty is quite a lot already and I’m getting more and more aware of the things that I’m not ready for, whatever my age says. Well, it’s alright, life is good as it is!

So , the good vibes are definately beating the depressed ones! There is a saying (I’ve heard it in french, but obviously it’s universal) that I heard on the trip: ”Smile to the life and the life will smile at you”. What could be a better guideline for life! Here’s my list of the stuff that make me feel greatat the moment!

1. The sun energy and the change of scenery we got from the Morocco trip! It’s giving some strength for the new term. No doubt I’m still eagerly waiting for my next holiday, which is in 7 weeks ;).

2. The last 2 sunny and beautiful frozen days in Finland

3. The new furniture and the travel souvenirs we bought for our home.

4. My piano is getting tuned this week and I finally get to restart serious practising of piano playing after a ten year pause. I play piano at work, accompaning mostly, so that doesn’t count.

5. We are turning towards the spring, light and summer!

6. You can still keep on the Christmas lights for sometime without feeling odd.

7. Waiting for the old and the new hobbies to start!

8. After all I’m inspired of my work!

9. On friday I will celebrate my next waypoint with my dear friends, even though there is lots to do before that, I enjoy planing a party, I am surely my dear old Granny’s grand daughter! 😉

10. My real birthday I’m celebrating with my dear Lauri along with delicious food.

Happy back-to-ordinary, everybody!



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