Weekend’s gourmet experiences – Sandro Eira and Bergga Sunday Roast Brunch

So, last saturday I turned thirty. Feels a little old, knowing I’m not, but at the same time, I can’t believe I’d be a day over 20! Well to be or not to be…  I’m so happy and life is just great! ❤

For my birthday, I organized a little party for my friends on friday. It was a success. My boyfriend made a delicious New York Rasberry Cheesecake and in addition, there were some cocktailfood: Caprese-cocktail salads (mozzarella, cherry tomato and basil), toasted avokado-spinach-mozzarella mini sandwiches, crunchy rye bread buttons filled with cold-smoked salmon paste, grape poppers with white chocolate and nut crunch (this didn’t really work out cause the chocolate solified too much, ooops…) olives, cheese and grapes, and of course several types of snacks and dips.  For welcome drinks we offered some Bellinis.

Evening was great, time flew by and for an afterparty we headed to a cosy bar playing ’black rythm music’ in Southern Helsinki, called Tres Bones. It’s nice to check out some new places like this from time to time.

Sandro Eira – oriental street gourmet

On saturday, my real birthday, we headed to one of the most intresting newish restaurants in town: the awesome Sandro in Kallio district with Middle-Easter-Moroccoan food has now a little brother in Southern Helsinki: Sandro Eira! The readers of local Street Newspaper, City readers chose Sandro Eira the best restaurant of the year as well as Sandro Brunch has been chosen the best in town several times. It’s not too fancy, no way too expensive and the food and cocktails are delicious and intresting. I really really do want to recommend this place!

I chose from the Beirut street kitchen the saffron cream mussels along with some amazing tabbouleh and hummus accompanied with some Riesling…The mussels were a little too salty, but not too much after all, the dish was heavenly! Lauri ordered the pulled lamb batbout burger accompanied with a Moroccoan wine and was satisfied with his dish aswell.

For the dessert I took some chocolate cake with caramelised carrots and pistachio ice cream and Lauri had grilled fruits with youghurt cream and fennel toulie both accompanied with some Royal Rabat mint tea. Awesome! We also tried some of the nice and original cocktails they had on their list.

Bergga Sunday Roast Brunch

The culinary weekend ended with  a Bergga Sunday Roast Brunch (19€). Bergga bar/coffee house is situated in a good spot just opposite to Karhupuisto in Kallio district.

The brunch was still in conclusion pretty simple and ordinary, except that the muesly (with some cinnamon?), bagels and variety of desert cakes were homemade (and delicious). The main course was ok, it was a plate of lamb, pork and cattle roast beef with carrots, onion, parsnip, sweet potato, Brussels sprout with rosépepper sauce that came from the kitchen straight to your table. There was also a veggie option – Tempeh with ginger and carrots.in a way I wouldn’t need that huge and meaty main course, it’s a brunch, not lunch after all.

For the dessert you could choose one of the awesome-looking and surely heavenly-tasting, huge cake pieces from the vitrine, except that we, being already too full, asked to choose it for one of Bergga’s amazing smoothies. The fruits were nice and fresh. To mention some bad sides, juice was made from concentrate and the coffee was just ordinary coffee even though they have some really nice ’special coffees’ in this coffee house.

So, all in all, not bad at all, but unfortunately, the Bergga Sunday Brunch wasn’t SO special compared to the tens of other brunches in town that it would stand out from them. To reach something more worth mentioning, the variety could have been a little broader or the special coffee and better juice included in the price.

Well anyways, Bergga is still one of my favourite coffee houses in town, and you can spend hours just reading some travel/ lifestyle magazines and drinking and eating their mainly ’homemade’ treats. Been there, done that. ❤



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