Fifty Shades of Blue in Chefchaouen

Finally I get to publish some pictures from the beautiful blue medina of Chefchaouen in Northern Morocco. It’s a place I’ve been hoping to see for several years now, and now that we headed for Morocco, it was on our must-see list. When arriving to Morocco, we started to doubt if we had time for a visit to this remote mountain town after all. Luckily all the fuzzing and buzzing of the locals and our travel companions made us arrange some time! I’m so happy we did it!

The different shades of blue and lilac are covering the buildings in this old medina embraced by the Rif Mountains. even the name of the town means looking at the mountains. The city was founded in 1471, and a small fortress from that time still remains in the heart of the medina.  Until the 1930’s it was forbidden for christians to enter this town, under the pain of death.

We spent our New Year’s in Chefchaouen. Muslim New Year is celebrated this year later in January, and the town in the evening was now quiet and deserted. Only the tourists filled in the restaurants to celebrate a little. We were lucky to find a athmospheric quality restaurant Aladdin La Lampe Magique that was still very reasonably priced. The ambiance was cosy and oriental, with some real fireplaces warming up the chilly evening of Chaouen. Especially happy we were with their starter salads, they were both different, but propably one of the tastiest of our lives!

I wish that one day, I find myself walking these narrow, heavenly soloured alleys again. Until then, let the pictures speak for themselves!



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