Being ill but inspired

I’m ill… It’s third day away from work already. I’ve been mainly sleeping for the last two days! So, today I woke up with the sun and my man, who made me some breakfast. Lovely, isn’t he? Luckily it feels better already, and heading back to work tomorrow. I’m starting to get some energy, and thinking about planing some work stuff today. I’ve been pinteresting ALOT these last couple of days (sorry all my pinterest friends) and I’m so excited about three things: planning our Finland theme in class, travel dreaming (once again) and art journals!

So, I guess I will be starting one. Meaning, you will keep a artsy diary by drawing at least a little everyday. I’m not sure how this works out for me, propably it doesn’t, but the level is low, if you don’t need to make anything big, than just some pattern one day and what ever you feel like the next. Or even fill in several pages a day. This might be a way to make something out of my croquis scetchings, too.


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Don’t get me wrong, I love doing artsy stuff, it makes me feel great and little bohemian. It’s still sad but true, that I do it quite rarely, cause, you know it feels hard to begin and there is an illusion in my head that once I do something it has to be something big, painting-like or hanged on the wall.. Blah.. I have too big thoughts of myself. So, I will keep a journal. Reminding of those old notes full of drawings from high school and university… 😉

If you got interested with the idea, there are several cool pages on the internet to get inspired (and naturally from pinterest you will easilly find loads of inspiration).

There is even this one challenge for a daily sketchbook going on. One can join the challenge if needed for inspiration what to draw. I’m not joining, but why not peeking a little to take some inspiration from time to time, if feeling uninspired.

This one’s lovely inspirational sketchbook blog to follow aswell: Alisa Burke Redefining Creativity

f15a64d3da21ae8f51be4e71260cd648Photo origin (via pinterest) from:



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