Flower power and spring energy

Hooray! It’s finally here! Or it has actually been for some time now. My blog writing enthusiasm has been on a holiday for some time I see… What is here? Spring of course, that lovely and precious time of the year after the long, cold, windy, wet and grey Helsinki winter! Phew, thank god it’s over!

So to say, I’m deeply in love with that shy, early spring green in the trees before it’s turning to it’s deeper shape of summer green after that first syrupy honeymoon! Sun caressing the skin and leaving there it’s unique odour, birds flying, singing and flirting their hearts out, grass getting greener and greener and you know, that feeling in the air and your heart: It’s here! It’s finally here! There is no feeling like the one you feel in the spring time! I’m a spring person. No matter how I love the summer, spring is even better, because all that lovely time of summer is also still ahead, too!

In the springtime, I could wander around the forrest forrest listening to birds singing, trying to spot them and name them (or hiding in the bird hide by the sea of bulrush), picking up flowers and walking around my jacket open and feeling its gentle breeze in my hair! Not to mention eating slow breakfasts on the balcony after the long winter pause! Yup, there’s nothing better!

Except of all that above, one of my spring traditions is making a pilgrimmage to see the magnolia tree in bloom. sometimes these pilgrimmages lead also to Roihuvuori district and to its Japanese garden during their SAKURA festival (cherry blooms) or checking out the amazing park full of Rhdodendrons  in the district of Haaga. But, my absolute favourites are magnolias, I fell in love with when living in France, and magnolias and other trees blooming absolutely everywhere!10599540_10152896664004639_5485538095217064605_n

In Finland, it is obviously a little too cold for magnolia trees in the winter time, so there are quite a few of them, when compared to Central Europe for example. I made such a trip yesterday to Kaisaniemi Botanical Garden, an there it was again! Here it is, my love, japanese magnolia! The other beauty is obviously layered Anemone Nemorosa, I’m definatyely going to plant in my garden one day, when I have one. Along with all the magnolias, peonies, cherrytrees, appletrees etc…

Speaking of peonies, I still want to share here my precious finding from todays florist shop visit: Even the florist herself was super-excited about this flower she had not met but now during her long career: Lemon Chiffon Peony! It drew my attention with it’s huge, light yellow flowers when I walked past the florist shop… So I couldn’t leave without it! Just beautiful!

Let’s enjoy the month of May, the month full of life, flowers blooming and birds nesting! ❤