My 2 month summer vacation has begun! What a feeling!

In the picture the loveliest things from my second summer vacation day:

syreenitThis morning I woke up to the lovely scent of lilacs that I picked on my night table the day before. I just love lilacs like I love the mangolias, apple flowers and all other scenting spring trees. This time of year is just perfect! Everywhere is green, alive and blooming, and the lovely scent of early summer filling the air!

Then making some breaky and coffee… I was drinking my morning coffee from my new moomin mug (by Arabia), that I just couldn’t stop myself ordering from Sweden from Royal Design, since it’s only sold there for the campaign Håll Sverige Rent… The mugs were sold out so I had to wait the mug to arrive for several months…  I’ve promised myself earlier not to buy anymore moominmugs unless it’s a desperate situation, well I guess this was.

My perfect vacation athmosphere was fullfilled with the pile of books I’m planning to read this summer… All in Finnish for the time. Beside these ones in the picture, I have several books in my bookshelf just waiting to be read. Reading books for my own fun is something I do way too rarely these days. As a kid and as a teenager I used to read all the time, but studying and working has lowened my enthousiasm and ability to concentrate on reading. Sad so, the holidays are perfect time for freetime reading aswell!

In this day’s less lovely programme is doing some cleaning-up and changing the curtains, but somehow it doesn’t feel as avoidable and boring as it usually does…

The scent of lilac is just dazzling

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