I’m a young Finnish woman (in my thirties, omg!) with lust for life and it’s beauty. I’m interested in all kinds of things recarding to  personal and emotional well-being. Only that I don’t do enough sports, I cook and eat with my heart, just to mention a few, so please don’t take my blog as an example in that field! There shouldn’t be any possibility fo a mistake though… 😉 So this blog is pure hedonism!

I started this blog in 2012, first in order to share my inspirational photo moments with others, but I wasn’t inpired enough to post my photos often enough. Now it’s time for a new try, with some shitchat on the side once in a while!

I also want to practise my English skills, so please don’t count my misspelings… Since I’m Finnish, this blog might offer a glimbse to the Finnish culture and mentality aswell, to whom it may concern.
So let’s see, here’s what I came up with. To be updated. 🙂



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